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We believe three essential components are necessary for a quality after school program to best support a student’s academic and life-long success: caring relationships, trained staff, and a environment designed for learning

Caring Relationships - Children are social beings and require nurturing relationships with key adults in their lives. Our teachers, tutors, and staff seek to build relationships with students so that they can effectively guide and support their academic success and social/emotional development. We are able to achieve this because of our low student-to-teacher/tutor ratio.


Trained Staff – Our teachers are dedicated, qualified and experienced. All tutors are trained and supervised by our teachers. Teachers will assess and monitor the progress of every student.


Learning Environment – All students require a safe positive environment to study and to work on their homework. Opportunities for physical activity and free play are provided to nurture students’ ongoing social and emotional development.


Homework Center + Tutoring

We offer a safe caring environment for students to complete his/her homework. Students are under the supervision of our teachers and tutors who monitor and assist with homework. Students are able to ask questions and study. In addition and as necessary, our teachers  provide supplemental homework to support the development of important reading and math academic skills.


Individual Tutoring


We offer one-on-one tutoring for interested students to help with specific skills or subjects. All tutoring will be provided by qualified teachers.


Dates: Tutoring sessions are scheduled at agreed upon dates and times between families and teachers.

Tuition Payment Plan   付學费計劃

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Enrichment Classes


We offer a variety of enrichment classes throughout the year. Enrichment Classes may include Mandarin, music, sports, visual art, or selected academic subjects to stimulate interest and develop skills in students.

Pick-Up and Transportation


Contact us directly for available pick-up and transportation services from selected nearby schools to our center

After School Tuition Agreement   放學後學費協議

1. Tuition charged on 176 CPS open school days in the year, August 30, 2021 – June 10, 2022

    No charge for Spring Break, Winter Break or Holidays off.

    該學年在176個CPS開放教學日收取學費。2021 年 8 月 30 日 – 2022 年 6 月 10 日


2. $150 nonrefundable Student Fee is required.

    Due on or before 8/30/2021 or the first day of attending UCA. Payment plan is available upon request.

    每位學生必須支付$150.00訂金訂金絕不退還。必须在 2021 年 8 月 30 日或 UCA 参与的第一天收到      付款。可应要求      提供付款计划。

3. No credit for days absent unless approved by UCA.


4. Monthly tuition plans require 10 payments due the 1st of the month.


5. Special child care rates will apply for CPS non-open school days.



Additional nonrefundable fees   額外恕不退還之費用

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